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BrookelynMy daughter, Brookelyn, is 20 years old, non-verbal and mentally challenged.  SpiritHorse has dramatically changed her life for the better.  She has much better posture, more self confidence, courage and flexibility.  She has even learned to say Whoa!  She is so excited and happy at SpiritHorse and looks forward to her lessons every week.  The instructors are so very patient with her and include her in everything.  We thank God everyday for this wonderful, life changing experience.

kerryI want to tell you how crucial horse therapy has been for my son’s development.  It has been SO amazing!  Vail is more focused, attentive and relaxed than he has ever been. Riding with SpiritHorse Liberty has helped with his speech, attention span  and strengthened his core muscles. AWESOME!!!   This is a therapy I would recommend to ANY parent.  Thank You So Much!


marisaOur daughter, Marisa, is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Cortical Visual Impairment. During the first six months she was riding at SpiritHorse Liberty Therapeutic Riding Center, her physical therapist has seen a great improvement in her ability to hold her head up as well as increased trunk control. Also, she has been saying “Go! Go!” while riding her horse (a new word for her).

Her orthopetic surgeon said her range of motion in her abductor muscle (inner thigh) has increased from 15 to 35 degrees due to straddling the horse. We have also seen dramatic improvements at home since beginning riding with SpiritHorse Liberty. We have seen an increase in self-esteem and leadership skills in my six year old daughter who is also riding. Thank God for SpiritHorse Liberty and all those that assist with this great organization.

Patty and Kirk