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Riding Lessons for Typical Children & Adults

Typical children and adults are invited for lessons at SpiritHorse Liberty.  These riders will have a 1 hour lesson per week. During their lesson, they will learn to brush their horse, lead the horse, clean the horses feet (depending on the person’s ability), tack up, ride and untack.  The rider will learn about the feed their horse eats and the different feed or supplements other horses eat.  As the rider advances from basic riding and safety, he/she may change to more advanced horses and learn to side pass, two track, formation riding and possibly even cow work.  We encourage people  to have and understanding of the complete care and responsibility of owning a horse.  SpiritHorse Liberty asks only a $20.00 donation for riding lessons for typical children and adults to be used for upkeep of the horses.

Quarter Horse Application (click to download application)